European settlement on Earth

I – Distribution of world population

A – Uneven distribution

=> map by points of the world population

=> concept of settlement / emptiness, high densities, constraints, resources

B –  different types of societies

=> societies react differently to the same constraints (for very different reasons ) ex: unsafe deltas in Africa but rice culture in these same types of deltas in Asia)

=> Certain constraints may evolve over time (or space) ex: occupation of a slope in the Alps

=> Village-> industrialization -> tourism

II – populations of Europe and  growth of the world population (from the antiquity to the 19th century)

A – early settlement

=> chart of the evolution of the world’s population / share of Europeans

=> Success or not of an operating system of soil

=> the role of agriculture (cereals / population / market-towns)

B – A dynamic population

=> improvement techniques / intensification of crops (antiquity, middle ages  +  deforestation / improvement of sanitary conditions in the 18th

=> demographic transition (model / specific vocabulary)

=> presence of an industrial and urban system (accumulation of labour force)

III – A continent of migrants

A – Europe: a land of cultural mix?

=> settlement of many peoples (ancient times, middles ages)

=> trading routes (Crusades, the Silk Road, opening in the XV/XVI century)

B-European emigration to other continents, in the 19th century

=> to North America mainly

=> case of Italian immigration

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