British globalization in the 19th century

I – Britain’s naval supremacy

Britain dominated the oceans since their victory at Trafalgar in 1805, at the hands of Admiral Lord Nelson. Moreover, Britain’s naval supremacy was not challenged again until World War One, at the Battle of Jutland, against Germany in 1916. The defeat of Napoleon, and the signing of the peace treaty in Vienna in 1815, brought an end to around 70 years of continual wars across Europe. For Britain, this peace brought in a period of global economic prosperity, due to the untroubled sailing and trade around the world.

During the Victorian age, and until the Great War, Britain was the world’s most powerful nation. However, this global dominance was not attained, nor maintained without a constant vigilence and proactive military that was able to protect Britain’s global strategic interests, while preserving a world order… During this era, the overwhelming idea was that long-term prosperity can only be achieved by maintaining global peace..

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II – Birth of the British Empire Map of the British Empire 1886